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Autoimmune Conditions and Chronic Pain


For many people, autoimmune conditions and chronic symptoms are something just learn to live with. Often, after years of searching for a solution, they find none. 

At New Health, our expert physicians and team are here to help you find that solution. It is our belief that if monitored properly, an individual can maximize their health and their ability to remain healthy. We do this by developing customized programs for many different conditions which stimulate your body to restore balance, replenish deficiencies and regain vitality. 

If you suffer from chronic pain or an autoimmune condition such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis, New Health may be right for you.

**We CANNOT cure and do NOT claim to cure autoimmune or neurological disorders.

Discover how New Health can help you get back to living the life you deserve.

Customized treatment pricing ranges from $6500-11,000 per treatment, based on medical necessity. Because no two people and/or condition are the same, the exact treatment and frequency of treatments may vary. 

Call us today to request an appointment or sign up for a free consult now to learn more.