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Treatment for Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Pain


Treatment for Autoimmune Disease

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis, Stem Cell Therapy could also be the treatment you have been looking for. 

We cannot cure autoimmune or neurological disorders. Our primary treatment modalities include stimulating your own stem cells with adipose derived anti inflammatory cells. Our approach is to offer various recommendations in triggering your stem cells and/or your own anti-inflammatory cells from your fat cells from your flanks. Treatments are every 1-12 months based on response to treatment.

1st Treatment: Major $4000-6500 depending on severity

  • 3-5 ml IV +/- nebulized treatment


  • 20 ml Adipose
    • 17 ml IV
    • 2-3 ml nebulized


Maintenance treatment $3000 (3-6 months)

  • 3 ml 
    • 2 ml IV
    • 1 ml nebulized


*See below for stem cells derived from your own adipose tissue pricing below.

ADIPOSE Derived Stem cells: Done with your own cells that are used for extensive treatments with multiple joints

When looking for an initial treatment with a large volume, based on the treatments needed, adipose derived stem cell treatments is a great option.

Minor Treatment: $4000 i.e. hair restoration, facial rejuvenation

  • 10 ml adipose derived stem cells

Major Treatment: $6500 i.e. auto immune, erectile dysfunction, pulmonary, urinary incontinence

  • 20 ml adipose
    • 17 ml IV
    • 2-3 ml nebulized

Major plus Treatment: $10,000-11,000 i.e. auto immune and joints, interstitial cystitis

  • 30 ml adipose stem cells
    • 13 ml IV
    • 2 ml nebulized
    • 15 ml toward joint injections – price variable due to number of joints

Major PLUS plus Treatment: $13,000-14,000

  • 40 ml adipose stem cells
    • 13-40 ml IV
    • 5 joints or 5 trigger areas for muscle pain areas, lower extremity neuropathy with 3-40 ml stem cells depending on number of joints

Multiple joints: shoulder, hip, knee, 5 ml

Smaller joints: 3 ml, elbow, hands