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Wellness with Facial Rejuvenation & Hair Rejuvenation

No matter what stage of life you are in, every person deserves to experience the fullness of life, which starts with optimal health and wellness. The primary purpose of the treatment in the wellness program focuses on slowing down the aging process by decreasing the inflammation and stimulating your cells to grow. We recommend these anti-aging treatments every 3-6 months. Our bodies will continue to age therefore, the need to continue to fight inflammation continues. We offer some of the most natural treatments.

Using Stem Cells to Provide Anti-Inflammatory Relief

New Health uses advanced Stem Cell Therapy for patients who are experiencing inflammation. Even though inflammation is a natural immune response, it can cause continual pain and damage to body tissue. Stem cells injected into the inflamed area can jumpstart the body’s response to regenerate and heal the damaged areas.

What is Involved in Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Wellness?

Wellness Treatment

Primary Treatment: Major $4000-6000: Initial Treatment

  • 10-12 ml adipose total / 8-10 ml IV / 2-3 ml nebulized

*Follow up treatment every 3-6 months: $2500-4000

What is the Natural Facial?

New Health Kansas’ Natural Facial procedure is the smart way to rejuvenate your skin. The patient’s own PRP that stimulates stem cell production is used. Next, it is reintroduced back into the face through the process of microneedling, which punctures microscopic holes in the skin surfaces. The PRP contains healing properties that stimulates the regeneration of the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers. The healing process renews your skin in several ways including:

  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Fading scars
  • Smoother skin
  • Improved skin tone
  • Reduce pore size

Treatment: $2500

  • 2 ml w/ PRP

Hair Restoration

Stop hair loss and start hair restoration. We microneedle areas that are thin or absent of hair. Then we stimulate the production of your own stem cells and/ or your own stem cells from adipose tissue. Then we follow that up with PRP treatments as needed.


Hair $2500-5000

  • 2-5 ml w/ PRP
  • Repeat treatment with PRP in 1-3 months included in cost


*See below for stem cells derived from your own adipose tissue pricing below.

ADIPOSE Derived Stem cells: Done with your own cells that are used for extensive treatments with multiple joints

When looking for an initial treatment with a large volume, based on the treatments needed, adipose derived stem cell treatments is a great option.

Minor Treatment: $4000 i.e. hair restoration, facial rejuvenation

  • 10 ml adipose derived stem cells

Major Treatment: $6500 i.e. auto immune, erectile dysfunction, pulmonary, urinary incontinence

  • 20 ml adipose
    • 17 ml IV
    • 2-3 ml nebulized

Major plus Treatment: $10,000-11,000 i.e. auto immune and joints, interstitial cystitis

  • 30 ml adipose stem cells
    • 13 ml IV
    • 2 ml nebulized
    • 15 ml toward joint injections – price variable due to number of joints

Major PLUS plus Treatment: $13,000-14,000

  • 40 ml adipose stem cells
    • 13-40 ml IV
    • 5 joints or 5 trigger areas for muscle pain areas, lower extremity neuropathy with 3-40 ml stem cells depending on number of joints

Large joints: 5 ml of stem cells/large joint

Smaller joints: 3 ml of stem cells/small joint